Trusting Your Intuitive Connection with Life

Faith: Trusting Your Intuitive Connection with Life

Tuesday evenings, 7:00-8:30 pm

April 25-June 20 (8 sessions)

via Zoom

Suggested donation: $100 (scholarships available)

Often in the context of religion, "faith" refers to belief in a certain set of ideas or putting trust in the authority of teachings and institutions.  In this course "faith" is a capacity within one's own heart and mind to discern a path where there is no obvious path, to follow an inner guidance even where it contradicts what others or authorities say you should do, to grow in confidence in a teaching and in oneself amid life's uncertainties, and to let go and trust what is emerging within life rather than to control or cling to what is known.  This course explores this complex human experience and differentiates it from other experiences that appear similar, such as being impulsive or being deluded.  Each class includes 30 minutes of meditation and an hour of teaching and dialogue about students' experiences.

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