Winter Retreat: Aspiration

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Winter Retreat 2024

The annual non-residential Winter Retreat will be Friday evening, January 5 through Sunday noon, January 7 at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment in Amherst, Massachusetts. This year's theme will be "Aspiration."  The new year is often a time of self-reflection and evaluation.  That can mostly keep you in your head about things, mostly in your judgments and imagining a future.  This retreat will instead be a time to touch in with your heart and know what is most deeply important, what is already moving inside you, and how to skillfully "aspire" or "breath toward" that. At this point assume it is an in-person retreat, but a virtual option may be possible.  Let me know if that will make a difference for you in attending.  We haven't talked about that yet as a board.  Register here.  $75 is the suggested donation.  Instructions on the form how to pay.  Scholarships available.

Mark's dharma talks from courses.

 "Nothing Wrong Here"