Being Home

Being Home: Bringing Awareness, Wisdom, and Love to Our Daily Lives

January 8-10, 2021

7-8:30 pm Friday, 9 am-5 pm Saturday, and 9-noon Sunday

Online through Zoom

Registration $50 plus dana, click here to register

During this period of COVID 19, we are spending more time at home--yet how present are we? This online community retreat focuses on the quality of our "being home"-- noticing whatever is true for ourselves in the moment. We will observe and explore how we relate to ourselves, to the tasks we do to live, and to those other beings--humans, animals, plants--with whom we share our living space, in order to bring greater harmony, joy, gratitude, and connection to our daily lives. Periods of sitting in meditation will be interspersed with other mindful activities, including walking, cleaning and other chores, appreciating what we have and what is in our environment, and communication with others. You will have the opportunity to receive feedback from the teacher on your experience and practice as well as hear from others about theirs. The retreat requires attendance on Zoom for certain common times together in order to hold the structure of the weekend, but includes optional times--sittings and guided movement--where you can adjust your attendance based upon your tolerance for Zoom at that moment. You may also adjust the level of silence you maintain, depending upon your context, but we will ask you to not use the phone, text, FB, email, or computer during the retreat except to attend the retreat.