Mark Hart has practiced Insight Meditation since 1981, studying primarily at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. Since 2000 has also studied with teachers of non-dual awareness, including Adyashanti, and has incorporated that into his teaching. He is guiding teacher of the Bodhisara Dharma Community in Amherst, Massachusetts, on the teacher’s council at Insight Pioneer Valley in Easthampton, and adjunct religious advisor to Buddhist students at Amherst College. He holds a Ph.D in theology from Boston College, an MA in Counseling from Seattle University, and has a private practice of psychotherapy in Amherst.

Sunday Morning Sitting Group

Each group includes 45 minutes of sitting and 45 minutes of conversation in which we share, in a context of spiritual friendship, our own exploration of truth and freedom in our lives. Not a teacher-led group. Please arrive on time and leave promptly as a courtesy to the group and to the host. The group usually meets on Sundays 10:00-11:30 a.m. at Robin Kassis’s home in North Amherst—but not always, if she is away. If you are interested in attending, please contact Robin beforehand to be certain of the venue and to ask if there is currently space in the group. She can be reached at

Mount Mansfield Retreat 2021

Underhill State Park, VT

September 24 6 pm until September 26 at noon

Registration $95 plus dana for the teacher

Just us for a retreat in which plants, a mountain, and the outdoors support your opening and exploration of what is true. In this retreat, we camp in the group site at Underhill State Park, observing noble silence and practicing mindfulness and meditation as one would on a regular retreat, but include the unusual addition of hiking and meditating on Mt Mansfield Saturday as a part of the retreat. Climbing to the top is not required; each person is encouraged to know their limits and respect them.

If you would like to register or have further questions, please contact Peter Corbett, the retreat manager. Space is limited and registration closes September 4.

Mark's dharma talks from courses.

"Nothing Wrong Here"