Radiant Core

The Radiant Core

March 9-April 27 2021, 7-8:30 pm

Online through Zoom

Suggested Donation: $100

This 8-week course explores who and what we are in the core of our being, once we unblend from aspects of our personality that protect and conform to social conditioning. The course teaches both how to recognize and unblend from these parts and how to abide as radiant awareness and let that shine in our lives and actions. Each class includes 30 minutes of meditation with instruction as well as an hour of teaching and dialogue about the teaching. Students will benefit most who commit themselves to daily meditation practice during the course.

In honor of the light returning and intensifying in the natural world around us, I will be offering a new course starting March 9, "The Radiant Core."

To register, just reply to the email, then send a payment to me through Zelle (through your bank using my email markdhart56@gmail.com), Venmo (to @MARK-HART-51286), or mail a check made out to "Bodhisara" to me at 42 Graves Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373. Scholarships available for those in financially difficult times.