What's Next

The next Tuesday evening classes , Resting in Being, start March 20, 7:30-9.
This 8-week meditation course explores how to step back from the compulsive need to do, to fix and control, and to rest instead in being, allowing experience to unfold. As a part of that, we will explore how to first feel the body and rest in the senses and then ground the mind in the formless space of awareness in which the body appears.  Each class will include 30-40 minutes of meditation.  Students will get the most out of the class who commit themselves to a daily practice of meditation during the series. It will be held at the Cadigan Center, 38 Woodside Avenue. If you are planning to come, let me know.


I'm excited to announce that my new book of poetry, The Joy of Blasphemy, is now available, and I want to invite those of you who are local to the book launch event on Thursday, March 29, 7 PM at the Jones Library in Amherst. Mark's Facebook page has more information.

Mark Hart's first collection of poetry, Boy Singing to Cattle, won the 2001 Pearl Poetry Prize. You can listen to readings of Mark's poetry here.
You can also listen online or download excerpts from a meditation retreat with Mark, here